Dear Colleagues,
I am glad to inform you that I have posted on my page on "Academia" my book Concordantia et instrumenta lexicographica ad Graduale Romanum pertinentia. The book is old (21 years) and the publisher does not exist any more: therefore I believe that the copyright is now mine.
The file format is PDF with embedded text.

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There are also some articles that may be of some interest: see the section Latin Language and/in Gregorian Chant.

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  • Thank you very much for sharing Guido!

  • Thanks, I understand. Something for paleographers.

  • Thank you, Prof. Maessen, for your questions.

    1. Yes, I did not know that Fr. Fournier was preparing his Concordance. I was informed when my project was almost ready; I proposed to join the projects, but it was probably too late.

    2. An index retrogradus is very useful for the investigation of small fragments featuring only the last portion of a word. This is very common: using this kind of index you can try to locate the corresponding passage. If the fragment features also the musical line, the identification is almost always possible.

  • Many thanks. Please allow me two questions:

    1. In the same year (1996) the Abbey of Solesmes published a similar work by Fr. Dominique Fournier: Concordance Textuelle du Graduale Romanum Triplex et des versets de l'Offertoriale Triplex. Subsidia Gregoriana No 5, Publication annexe aux Études Grégoriennes. Both works do not refer to each other. Didn't they know they were doing basically the same thing?

    2. Compared to the Solesmes' edition your book has a lot more information. E.g. the fascinating chapter "Index retrogradus". I am very curious what could be the use of this?

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