Intento sensu et vigilanti mente:
esboço de uma problemática histórica do som no Ocidente medieval
Mémoire de Maîtrise
Eduardo Henrik Aubert

São Paulo


This dissertation aims at sketching a system of historical and theoretical references for the study of sound in the societies of the medieval West. Sound is understood throughout this work as both "semanticized form" and "enformed content". This perspective seeks to emphasize the dialectics of subjectivity and objectivity (which concretely exist only as the interrelated processes of objectivation of subjectivity and subjectivation of objectivity) inherent to the social existence of any "object" and of society itself. The dissertation comprises three parts: (1) in the first, we focus mainly on the semantization of sound form, attempting to understand the historical changes in the modalities of apprehension of sound by thought; (2) in the second part, we dialectically assume the opposite direction and focus on the enformation of content as sound, dealing more specifically with the evolution of sound form in Latin liturgy; (3) finally, in the third part, we propose a case study which seeks to apprehend, in its concrete temporality, the dynamics of the interrelated processes of semantization of sound as form and enformation of content as sound.

Bibliothèque Numérique de Thèses et Mémoires de l'USP


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