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Turkic Folkmusic Archives of János Sipos

This trilingual (Hungarian, English, Turkish) website presents a significant part of János Sipos’s Turkic folk music collection recorded since 1987.

On the left side we get information of the archives, the author, a Hungarian-Turkic comparative music research and much more.

Above we focused on the actual presentation of the collected material.

      Search allows us seeking out video and audio recordings according to genre, lyrics, musical instruments, informants and place of recordings. The “identifier” selects a whole record, for example “SJ_AZE_01_DAT” lists the complete material of the first Azerbaijani cassette.

      Under E-books we can read e-books on the Kyrgyz and the Karachay folk music.

      Books presents the PDF and the ISSUU format of János Sipos’s books. In the latter case, use full-screen mode, and return to the website by closing the ISSUU interface. Here and under Articles we are working on attaching video and audio recordings to the books.

      Studies presents us János Sipos’s articles in PDF form (use Ctrl + F to search for subject titles).

      In Audio, Video and Photo archives each recording is presented in unedited form. Later on, these recordings will be enlarged by a “map of recordings” giving a better orientation.

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