I am sorry to announce this too late, because it was also possible to join this lecture via zoom. I will insert here a link, as soon as a video is available.


9126157064?profile=originalKosmas of Jerusalem (ca. 675-ca.752)
Fresco attributed to Manuel Panselinos, Protaton on Holy Mount Athos (14th c.)

Byzantine music, deeply ingrained in European and Near-East cultures, presents a plethora of remarkable personalities and a wealth of genres and categories in the realm of hymnography, chant and secular music. This lecture aims at giving an overview of coryphées in the field, along with musical examples, to which the audience is invited to join in. We will also try to approach some examples paleographically and analytically, in order to go on with a discussion concerning transcription, historically informed performance practice, meta-aesthetics of Byzantine chant and didactical approaches.

Source: Events announced by the city of London: https://www.city.ac.uk/events/2020/october/maria-alexandru-byzantine-and-post-byzantine-melodists-hymnographers-and-composer-a-panoramic-view


Maria Alexandru, native in Romania, with studies in Bucharest, Bonn, Copenhagen (PhD, 2000), and Greece, is an associate professor for Byzantine music at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her work comprises 4 books, more than 50 articles and different recordings, translations into Romanian and editorial work on Conference Proceedings, books and the on-line journal Series Musicologica Balcanica. She conducts different ensembles (Study Group for Palaeography of Byzantine Music Chrysorrhemon, Psaltira, both of the School of Music Studies of the aforementioned university, and the female Byzantine Choir “St Anysia” of the Greek Society for Music Education). She is chair of the IMS-Study Group for Music of the Christian East and Orient, and got different distinctions.

Relevant publication

Alexandrou, Maria. Παλαιογραφία Βυζαντινής Μουσικής [Palaeography of Byzantine Music]. Thessaloniki: Aristotle UP, 2017. https://repository.kallipos.gr/handle/11419/6487.



Video about Hagia Kassiani

Link to the video published at the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

In the video, we can listen to music examples and demonstrations of Maria Alexandru together with her students, dedicated to the female hymnographer and higoumenia Saint Kassia.

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