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Resources for medieval musicology and liturgy

New « Medieval Cantors and their Craft Music, Liturgy and the Shaping of History, 800-1500 », edited by Katie Ann-Marie Bugyis, A.B. Kraebel, Margot E. Fassler

Historia: Some Lexicographical Considerations - David Ganz
Liturgy and History in the Early Middle Ages - Rosamond McKitterick
Notker Bibliothecarius - Susan K Rankin
Singing History: Chant in Ekkehard IV's Casus sancti Galli - Lori Kruckenberg
Adémar de Chabannes (989-1034) as Musicologist - James Grier
Cantor or Canonicus? In Search of Musicians and Liturgists in Eleventh-Century Constance - Henry Parkes
Shaping the Historical Dunstan: Many Lives and a Musical Office - Margot Fassler
Female Monastic Cantors and Sacristans in Central Medieval England: Four Sketches - K.A. Bugyis
Cantor, Sacrist or Prior? The Provision of Books in Anglo-Norman England - Tessa Webber
Symeon of Durham as Cantor and Historian at Durham Cathedral Priory, c. 1090-1129 - Charlie Rozier
Reshaping History in the Cult of Æbbe of Coldingham - Lauren L. Whitnah
William of Malmesbury as a Cantor-Historian - Paul A. Hayward
Lex orandi, lex scribendi? The Role of Historiography in the Liturgical Life of William of Malmesbury - Sigbjorn Olsen Sonnesyn
Of the Making of Little Books: The Minor Works of William of Newburgh - A.B. Kraebel
The Cantors of the Holy Sepulchre and their Contribution to Crusade History and Frankish Identity - Cara Aspesi
Shaping Liturgy, Shaping History: A Cantor-Historian from Twelfth-Century Peterhausen - Alison I. Beach
The Roman Liturgical Tradition According to a Twelfth-Century Roman Cantor - Peter Jeffery
A Life in Hours: Goswin of Bossut's Office for Arnulf of Villers - Anna De Bakker
Writing History to Make History: Johannes Meyer's Chronicles of Reform - Claire Jones

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