HK en concert au Kilowatt - Fête de l'Humanité 2020

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International initiatives:

Police for Freedom inernational

Worldwide Exit the WHO

Real not rare (International portal of adverse events)

No more silence! (stories of vaccine deaths and adverse events @ lost world outpost)

React 19 (Science-based support for people suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine effects)

World Council for Health (The Great Freeset)

Grand Jury: the Court of Public Opinion

International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC)

Global information about collateral damages caused by WHO

The Great Barrington Declaration (PANDA)

World Freedom Alliance (World Doctors Alliance)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Medical Freedom International (UK)

Children's Health Defense (Europe)

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV)

New Media Portal


American initiatives:

Children's Health Defense (USA)

‘The People's Testaments’ with Stephanie Locricchio (CHD.TV)

Physicians for informed consent (PIC)

America's frontline doctors

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency


Australian initiatives: 

Reignite Democracy Australia

Reignite World Freedom

Australian National Review

Children's Health Defense Australia


Austrian initiatives:

ZAAVV (private initiative of Austrian, Swiss and German physicians)

Polizisten für Grund- und Freiheitsrechte

Initiative für evidenzbasierte Corona Informationen (ICI)

Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss (ACU-A)


British initiatives:

UK Covid-19 Inquiry

UK Column

UK CV Family (Covid Vaccine Injured)

CoviLeaks UK

Alliance for Natural Health International (UK)

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL)

Power to the People (PttP)


Canadian initiatives:

Strong and Free Canada

Law Society Ontario

Vaccine Choice Canada

Children's Health Defense Canada


Dutch initiatives:

Buitenparlementaire Onderzoekscommissie

Viruswaarheid liefe & eenheid


French initiatives:

Conseil scientifique indépendant

Ligue nationale pour la liberté des vaccinations

Association Bon Sens

Reinfo Covid

France Soir

Verity France


German initiatives:

Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie e.V.

Unsere Verfassung e.V. 

Wir fordern

Demokratischer Widerstand

Polizisten für Aufklärung

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft kritischer Polizistinnen und Polizisten e.V.

Netzwerk Kritische Richer und Staatsanwälte n.e.V.

Schadensersatzklage bei Impfschäden und gegen institutionelle Impfpflicht

Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss

Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss

Ärzte für Aufklärung

Anwälte für Aufklärung


Mutigmacher e.V.

Schulen stehen auf

Eltern stehen auf


Indian initiatives:

Awaken India Movement

Indian Bar Association

Vandana Shiva and Navdanya

Great Game India: Journal on geopolitics and international relations


Irish initiatives:

Dolores Cahill (podcast @ tnt radio)

Freedom Alliance on the island of Ireland


Israelian initiaves:

Vaccine testimonies

Israeli People's Commitee

Ilana Rachel Daniel's blog (current episodes at CHD)


Italian initiatives:


Eventi avversi News

Mille medici per la costituzione

Mille avvocati per la costituzione

Renate Holzeisen




Visione TV


South African initiative:

Transformative Health Justice

South African Vaccine Adverse Events Report System (SA VAERS) 

Freedom Alliance South Africa

Children's Health Defense Africa


Spanish initiatives:

Policías por la libertad

Médicos por la verdad

La quinta columna (research overview in Spanish)


Swiss initiatives:

Aufarbeitungsinitiative für Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit

Aletheia—Medizin und Wissenschaft für Verhältnismäßigkeit

Coronaanzeige (class action against Swissmedic)

Class action by the initiative "Wir Menschen"

HelvEthica Ticino

Movement fédératif romand

Freunde der Verfassung

Swiss Policy Research (SPR)

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  • Manifestations on 1, 5 and 9 May

    Manif contre les génocides et les guerres-profiteurs globales à Paris (live-stream par surveçu, 1 mai) 

    Meta-stream of Peace manifestations in Salzburg, Dresden and Freilassing (Bavaria right at the Austrian frontier, 1 May)

    Exit the NATO manifestation in Berlin (1 May)

    Manifestation at Tel Aviv to demand the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu, re-elections and the liberation of hostages (AP, 5 May)

    Manifestation about the victory against fascism at the Russian monument in Berlin (9 May)

    Vécu est le Média Citoyen Indépendant à vocation internationale et au cœur de la véritable actualité. Grâce à l'équipe de nos Citoyens Reporters et e…
  • Press Conference in Austria about Official Propaganda at the ORF

    How official propaganda has become a danger to the public, despite the fact that the risks had been known since 2020 as the RKI files and documents of the Paul Ehrlich Institut have proved. A public complaint against dangerous lies broadcasted by the ORF has been made at the Komm Austria (independent and undirected office to regulate and supervise electronic acoustic and audiovisual media in Austria) by the EMUs ("Wir EMUs", echt mutig und unbeirrt "real, courageous and straight").

    A public discussion with Bernhard Costa (EMUs), the lawyer Alexander Todor Kostić (Rechtsanwälte für Grundrechte), Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen (scientist and physician) and the German lawyer Markus Haintz moderated by Sabine Spögler-Dinse (ORF) (Live-stream on 7 May, 10 am CEST)


    Legal action against state fees for propaganda:

    Paul Schreyer, „Multipolar will auch neuere RKI-Protokolle offenlegen lassen [Multipolar intends to file for the disclosure of more recent protocols at the Robert Koch institut]“, Multipolar Magazin, 3 April 2024. Link to the article.

    Vanessa Renner, 'Tendenziöse Berichterstattung über RKI-Files: Jetzt ORF-Beschwerde unterstützen! [Biased reports concerning Robert Koch Institut files: Please support the complaint against ORF now!]', Report24, 16 April 2024. Link to the article.

    Marcus Klöckner, „'Worum es jetzt ausdrücklich nicht gehen darf, ist, Verantwortliche zu suchen' [Bundestag: 'This can explicitely not be about looking for the responsible!']“, Multipolar Magazin, 30 April 2024. Link to the article.

    „Disziplinarstrafe für kritischen Professor [Punishment of a university professor specialised in media studies for criticising the government]“, Multipolar Magazin, 7 May 2024. Link to the article.

    Die Kommunikationsbehörde Austria (KommAustria)
    Die Kommunikationsbehörde Austria (KommAustria) ist die unabhängige und weisungsfreie Regulierungs- und Aufsichtsbehörde für die elektronischen Audio…
  • SI-Demo-DE-FINAL.png

    organised by Mass voll

    Invitation by Transition TV

    Official live-stream by Hoch2 TV (29 April)

    Begrüssung MASS-VOLL Nicolas A. Rimoldi (CH) (00:08)
    Schweizerpsalm, Patrick Castelberg (01:48)
    Frédérique Giacomoni (FR) (04:10)
    Markus Zollinger (DE) (13:56)
    Dimcho Dimchev (ENG) (25:32)
    Nicolas A. Rimoldi (CH) (33:14)
    Alexander Ehrlich (DE) (43:23)
    Carlo Amman (IT) (53:00)
    Daniel Stricker (CH) (59:30)
    János Árgyelán (ENG) (01:12:26)
    Roland Bühlmann (CH) (01:19:34)
    Philipp Kruse (CH) (01:26:47)
    Schluss MASS-VOLL, Nicolas A. Rimoldi, Roland Bühlmann (01:50:13)
    Auszug Freiheitstrychler (01:52:25)


    Philipp Kruse (Swiss lawyer filing a lawsuit against fraud of Swissmedic, expert for international law and WHO treaties, Part 1)

    Part 2

    Markus Zollinger (lawyer)

    Alexander Ehrlich (Translation Studies, Austrian activist, Honk for Hope)

    Janós Árgyelán (representative of the Hungarian party "Mi Hazánk")

    Dimčo Dimčev (representative of the Bulgarian party "Vĕzraždane" Възраждане)

    Frédérique Giacomoni (Mouvement fédératif romand)

    Nicolas Rimoldi (Mass-voll)

    Carlo Amman (HelvEthica Ticino)

    Daniel Stricker (journalist)

    Freiheitstrychler during the manifestation


    Sounding together

    Die Bewegung für Freiheit, Souveränität und Grundrechte.
  • International conference in Rome organised
    by the commissione medico scientifica indipendente

    Title: "Perspectives of the World Health Organization: from advisory body to world government?"

    Place: Sala Capranichetta - Piazza Monte Citorio 125 - Roma

    Time: Friday, 19 Aprile 2024 from 9 am - 6 pm CEST



    Download of individual contributions and slides:




    Friday 19th April 2024 - Perspectives of the World Health Organization: from advisory body to world…
  • Public protest against the WHO in Berlin

    Saturday, the 20 April with the Lockdown Medley by Yann Song King (Infrarot TV)


    ‘Am Set: WHO-Pläne stoppen! Demo am 20.4. in Berlin [At the set: Please stop the plans of the WHO! Manifestation on 20 April in Berlin]’,, 22 April 2024. Link to the video report with interviews.

    InfraRot - Sicht ins Dunkel
    Für alle, denen der Mainstream-Meinungstunnel zu eng ist. Kommentare, Interviews, Medien-Analyse, Talk und Reportagen. Unangepasst, unkonventionell,…
  • Symposium to inform about WHO's Pandemic Treaty and its International Health Regulations in Zurich

    Date:   Saturday, 20 April 2024, from 9:30 am until 5:30 pm CEST

    Place: Hotel Spirgarten at Altstetten



    The individual contributions can be watched here:

    Official live-stream with sound problems (20 April 2024)

    Transition TV mit Auszügen aus einer Rezension von Auf1 TV (27 April)

    Thomas Eglinski, ‘Züricher WHO-Symposium: Warnung vor den Plänen der Globalisten [Symposium about WHO in Zurich—warning about the globalists' illegal plans]’, Auf 1 TV, 26 April 2024. Link to the video review.

    Thomas Eglinski, 'Eleganti & Schöning: Aufklärung als Schlüssel zur Freiheit gegen WHO & Co [Bishop Marian Eleganti and physician Heiko Schöning: enlightenment as the key to freedom against WHO & Co]', Auf 1 TV, 2 May 2024. Link to the video review.

    Thomas Eglinski, 'Katharina König: „Hör‘ nicht auf den Arzt, der gespritzt hat“ [Kathrin Koenig: "Do not listen to that physician who gave the shot!"]', Auf 1 TV, 4 May 2024. Link to the video interview.


    The Pandemic Treaty (version of 18 April)

    Shabnam Palesa Mohamed "How to Prevent the Abuse of Human Rights Through Public Health Emergencies—The 4 international law criteria with recommendations" [starts about 18'30"] (World Council for Health, 1 April)

    Lezione italiana della Costituzionalista prof. dott. Carmen Capolupo (Università Federico II Napoli) il 22 e 23 marzo a Bolzano ed a Trento

    Prof. Dr. Martin Haditsch "Has WHO showed in possession of any competences to manage a pandemic?" in German (19 April)

    Comment by Meryl Nass (Children's Health Defense) in an interview with Viviane Fischer (Corona Investigative Committee, session 198 on 29 March)

    Meryl Nass with James Corbett "WHO—what you need to know" for US citizens (20 April)

    Silvia Behrendt (7 April)

    Open letter to WHO by Behrendt, Bell, Amrei and others (available in many languages)

    James Roguski in an interview with Brett Hawes about the freedom of movement, wellknown test excesses and mRNA abuse based on fearmongering (CHD, 24 April)
  • Another conference dedicated to Covid crimes in Vienna

    On Friday, 12 April about 6 pm, the FPÖ (liberal party in Austria) had invited to a public conference to discuss crimes committed under abuse of an emergency situation commonly known as Covid-19.

    Friday evening (official live-stream)

    Alternative link against Kockl

    Speakers were Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) with an introduction, Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi with a summary of scientific discussions about forensic findings concerning spike toxicity, DNA-contamination and turbo cancer, Dr Hannes Strasser and Gerald Hauser (FPÖ) about RKI files in Germany and GECKO files in Austria.

    Conference on Saturday, the 13 April, and its programme


    Saturday papers (FPÖ, published on 18 April):

    Press review

    Publicity by the political party FPÖ which are not independent reviews, or pseudo-reviews which do not respect journalistic standards by framing participants without even mentioning their arguments or written by authors who could not be bothered to participate in the event, are not listed here due to their evident bias and the unavoidable lack of content. 

    Florian Machl, 'Mitreißende Aufbruchsstimmung bei Corona-Aufklärungsevent mit Bhakdi und Kickl in Wien [Passionate impression of a new beginning during an illuminating event about Covid-19 with Sucharit Bhakdi and Herbert Kickl in Vienna]', Report24, 13 April 2024. Link to the review.

    Interview with Herbert Kickl (FPÖ): "Wir werden das System entlarven! [We will unmask the system!]" (Deutschland Kurier, 13 April)

    Sucharit Bhakdi zu den Corona-Zwangsmaßnahmen [about imposed health measures so-called "Covid-19"]: „Die Jäger müssen zu Gejagten werden! [The hunters need to be turned into those who are hunted!]“ (Deutschland Kurier, 14 April)

    „FPÖ-Symposium: ‚Corona – größtes politisch gewolltes Verbrechen gegen Menschheit‘ [Symposium of the Liberal Party Austria (FPÖ): 'Covid-19—biggest politically organised crime against humaity']“, Auf1 TV, 16 April 2024. Link to the news report.

    Inquisition review by Tobias Holub with Klaus Taschwer (as an expert who avoids strictly to go further into any of the discussed debates and topics) and Irene Brickner who looks at the event as an election campaign (der Standard, 16 April)

    Christine Born, '‚Zurück zur Normalität‘ - Corona-Aufarbeitung in Österreich ['Back to normality'—the Austrian Covid crimes in focus]', tkp — Der Blog für Science & Politik (blog), 17 April 2024. Link to blog entry.

    Interview with Martin E. Renner about the end of state propaganda (Deutschland Kurier, 17 April)

    Christine Anderson about the affaire Ursula von der Leyen (AfD): „Das EU-Parlament ist durch und durch korrupt! [The EU parliament is throuroughly corrupt!]“ (Deutschland Kurier, 17 April)

    Gerald Hauser (FPÖ): „Corona war eine politisch inszenierte Pandemie! [Covid-19 was a politically orchestrated pandemic!]“ (Deutschland Kurier, 18 April)

    Isabelle Janotka, „Corona-Protokolle: Was sagen die Österreicher zu den Veröffentlichungen? [Covid files: What do the Austrians think about their publication?]“, Auf 1 TV, 18 April 2024. Link to the interviews.

    Florian Machl, ‘Gerald Hauser: Brüssel ist “Hort des Bösen” - dort muss Corona-Aufarbeitung beginnen [Interview with Gerald Hauser: 'Brussels with its cartell of silence to cover up von der Leyen's pharma deals is the garden of evil—the investigation of Covid crimes must start right there]’, Report24, 20 April 2024. Link to the video interview.

  • Public protests against WHO and the ratification of the Pandemic treaty in Tokyo

    Live-stream from last Saturday, also Appollo News reported about it in Germany on 14 April (13 April)

    Private live-stream by a Canadian youtuber

    The class action to compensate "vaccine" injured in Japan which preceded the protests and led to them:

    ‘A Heart-Wrenching Moment at Japanese Press Conference: A Mother Recounts Her Son’s Death Amid Landmark Class Action Lawsuit’, Substack, Aussie17 (blog), 18 April 2024. Link to blog entry, German translation by uncut-news.

    Megan Redshaw, ‘Study Finds “Significant Increase” in Cancer Mortality After Mass Vaccination With 3rd COVID Dose’, The Epoch Times, 19 April 2024. Link to the article.

    Demonstration gegen die WHO in Japan – Bürger wehren sich gegen den neuen Pandemievertrag - Apollo…
    In Japan haben am Samstag Zehntausende gegen die bevorstehende Reformierung der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) demonstriert. Die Teilnehmer forder…
  • Covid? I do not remember anything!

    The Swiss kabarettist Marco Rima about his new stage: the Robert Koch Institut and its famous legally forced out and nevertheless blacked out records (Marco Rima, 14 April)

    Marco Rima
    Comedy, Marco Rima, Fernsehen, Komiker, Film, TV Auf dieser Seite werde ich Euch immer wieder mal mit einem lustigen Video überraschen. Es sind klei…
  • Bescheissmedien or what is the social background of real disinformation

    Fabian Scheidler, « Espoirs et misère de la critique des médias en Allemagne [Hopes and misery of media criticism in Germany] », Le Monde diplomatique, 1 mars 2024. Link to the article.

    Résumé :

    En Allemagne, comme dans de nombreux États occidentaux, le discrédit des institutions frappe la presse de plein fouet. Ce pays fut pourtant le berceau d’une florissante critique des médias. Désormais, les dirigeants éditoriaux tentent de disqualifier la contestation du conformisme ou des errements journalistiques en l’associant au complotisme.

    Abstract—In Germany like in many other Wild West countries, strong disregard of institutions hit the press with all force! Nevertheless, this country was once the cradle of flourishing media criticism. Despite all, many editors in chief are tempted to disqualify any protest about their opportunism or their serious journalistic errors by associating it with "conspiracy theory".

    German summary by Monika Schmieder:

    The article is also available in Spanish and Esperanto translation.

    Fabian Scheidler who co-founded Kontext TV, with Nermeen Shaikh and Vandana Shiva about the book "The end of the Megamachine" which came out in German in 2015 and was later translated into Dutch, English, French, Turkish and Italian (Kontext TV, 18 September 2020)

    Espoirs et misère de la critique des médias en Allemagne
    par Fabian Scheidler (mars 2024)
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