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Dear Colleagues,

In 2017, a paper of mine was published in the Journal of Music Research Online (volume 8, pp. 1-17) about the original rhythm of Gregorian chant. This paper, entitled The Rhythm of Gregorian Chant: An Analysis and an Empirical Investigation, was favourably received, but one of the criticisms concerned the fact that only four chants were studied, all of them being introit chants. To examine whether these criticisms make sense, I conducted a subsequent study about the same topic, but this time investigating a much larger sample of 30 Gregorian chants. Scholars interested in the results of this study may consult my latest preliminary contribution, entitled The Rhythm of Gregorian Chant: A Regression Analytical Investigation in 30 Chants (see the attached PDF). Comments and criticisms are welcome. Please, use the following email address:

Kind regards,

Dr. Dirk van Kampen, Stoutenburg 5, 1121 GG Landsmeer, The Netherlands.

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Wow! It's a big issue. I'm interested in your empirical approach, I'll read it with interest.

Best regards

Dr. Ángel Chirinos.

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