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Creo que he hecho de nuevo un gran paso adelante en mi método. El sacrificium he puesto en YouTube es un primer ejemplo. Por supuesto, el manuscrito tiene algunas raspaduras y sugiere algunas neumas que faltan, pero la melodía principal sugerida en el manuscrito se presenta en la reconstrucción.

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Dear Geert,

Congratulations with this significant step forward concerning your reconstruction work and the great performance of one of the results. Your reconstruction method of mozarabic chant still becoming better, it really deserves more serious attention among musicologists.

Greetings from

Reinier van der Lof   

Dear Reinier,

Thanks for your feedback. It seems that musicologists are not really concerned about music, but prefer stories about music instead. I am more interested in the music than in the stories. I prefer the tralala above the blabla, so to say. You can see this as a choice. But maybe there is also a missed opportunity here. Trying to interpret mozarabic neumes e.g., without looking for its music, in my view, is a bit strange. Of course we know the melodies are lost. But even fake melodies could help you learn to interpret this tradition. And, of course, to find better melodies you should also study what has been written about the subject. That's what I am trying to do.

I think Ricossa (as always) had a good point last week when he started a discussion on facebook about these two worlds living apart: musicologists and performers.

A problem which does by the way only exist among those who study Western traditions of plainchant! I was quite surprised, when I discovered the difference...

But nevertheless, I like the stories around certain traditions as much as passionate discussions about all questions of performance practice. Please take it as an encouragement!



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