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After months this server is back online. It was announced for the end of October, but the time out was prolonged and prolonged again. Finally you can open the page again. Please try:

The servers host digitised manuscripts of the Romanian Academy of Science (Bucharest) and of Sainte Catherine's Monastery (Sinai, Egypt). But so far the old links do no longer work (including those of the domaine, neither do the links of the whole page.

Please let's use this discussion to keep up to date.

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Le lien indique "too many connections"

Même chez moi, il me semble la page n'est encore prète. Je l'avais vue, mais tous les liens ne répondaient pas.

Aujourd'hui le lien fonctionne bien!

Mais il n'est pas trop esaggéré, les liens aux manuscrits resultent encore dans le message :

« Too many connections »

Toutes les recherches sans aucune réaction...

Espérons que cela se stabilise !

The sister page is online:

Still suffering from the "Too many connections"-syndrome!

The link to the Syriac sticherarion (ET-MSsc Ms. Syr. 261) is working:

but the pictures do not load.

What a hopeless case!

At least the collection of manuscripts from Sinai, as it had been documented for the American Library of Congress in 1950-1952, is now online. See this discussion.

Finally this page is back to normal (which in fact means incredibly slow)!

Here all the digitised manuscripts of the Romanian Academy:

Here all the digitised manuscripts of Sinai (which in fact belong to the microfilm collection of Leuven):

Merci beaucoup, c'est une bonne nouvelle !

The viewers usually were on, but these links do not work any longer... Just check it out!

Now you can find the manuscripts on e-corpus—like the sticherarion at the collection of the Romanian Academy:

But if you try to load one of the later pages, you will find out that it does still not work properly... Certain pictures cannot be loaded in the viewer. They originally said they will have fixed it until October 2016, now we have June 2017, and it is still not working, as it did once...

The only thing you can do is to switch to the turning-pages viewer which has not even a navigation function to jump to the last folio, but you can jump by typing the page in the bar at the bottom. If you type 603 you will get the double page view of folios 300v-301r!



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