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Il manque une référence à l'analyse et édition de Rebecca Maloy (et Sidler, Pitman, Frash and Hankeln) en: "Inside the Offertory, Aspects of Chronology and Transmission", (2010), et à l'importance du répertoire Vieux Romain (et Milanais ?).

Bien évidemment. Merci, Geert.

Cela mérite un petit tableau ROM en complément !

Thank you very much Dominique for sharing this material.

What we should take into account: The oldest mss don't notate in transposition as you did.

So in the second verse we have several low F, that cause problems to (all?) of the diastematic notators.

So besides the several mib (the sib in your proposal) also the extreme low testiture is a reason for emendations.

In Laon the repetenda seems to be unisono, but where has he 'gained' the fifth upwards?

Or exhibits this piece an example of the use of Aufführungslage and Notationslage as Hankeln proposed?



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