Again mensural notation in Probatio pennae

Je vous propose aujourd'hui encore une nouvelle source de notation mensurale sans doute du XVème siècle en essai de plume dans un manuscrit de de l'abbaye Saint-Bertin de Saint-Omer conservé à Boulogne-sur-Mer, on peu lire en dessous : Ave Maria gr[atia].


Boulogne-sur-Mer, BM, 0071, t. II, 259v



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  • Wonderful.  The chant on the bottom part is a Sanctus (without the Osanna ut supra) -- GS 16* found throughout Old Hall -- but that doesn't mean it's English; just that that's the first source I could find it in.  But also not in Graduale Romanum. 

    The top part has no concordances that I know of.  The top voice does not easily go with the bottom part (I could force it, but I don't think it is designed to go together).  

    Thank you for another great discovery Dominique!

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