New Ars Nova/Subtilior fragment

BERGAMO, Civica Biblioteca 'Angelo Mai' (I-BGc)

MA 589 (Delta VIII.26)
XIV ▪ Fragment d’Ars subitlior

Contre-plat supérieur 

De narcisscus [Concordance  F-CH MS 564 , 19v - F-Pn It. 568 33v-34 - F-Pn NAF 6771 81r - F-Pn NAF 23190 21v-22]

Un dou[c]he regart curiant me maistrie

Salve regina... [incipit]

Garde supérieur

Le fragment a été effacé, il reste suffisamment de trace pour découvrir son contenu à l'aide de photos avec UV



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  • This manuscript was presented on by Stefano Campagnolo at the "End of the Ars Subtilior" conference in Certaldo (Pub as "End of the Ars Nova") but not included in the conference proceedings.  Campagnolo and Maria Soffia Lanuttia give the incipit as "Vis doulx regart en riant me maistrie" -- I have a rough transcription if anyone wants it.   There are many binders' fragments throughout, from at least two different manuscripts, but none show musical notation. No ids of the other works known to me at present.

  • I hope it will be possible to take digital images with UV!

  • Tres tres bien!  Super cool!

  • Here are further concordances for Magister Franciscus' "De Narcissus":

    • Autun, Bibliothéque Municipale 152, fol. 160v (Cantus only)
    • Budapest, Egetemi Könyvtár, U.Fr.l.m. 298,  verso (beginning of Cantus only)
    • Florence, Archivio del Capitolo di San Lorenzo, Ms. 2211, No. 167, fols. 90v+99r
    • Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, n. a. Fr.  6221 – fol. 19r (text only)


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