The Russian State Library of Moscow (RSL / РГБ for Российская государственная библиотека or RISM siglum RU-Mrg) is the second National Library after the historical one of Petersburg. During the Soviet period it was called after Lenin (see the historical façade of 1925):

rgb-2-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xIts fond 304 refers to the collection of the Troitsky Lavra near Moscow and has many notated chant books which mainly included the books of the stichirar (miney, fasten and flower triod, osmoglasnik/oktoich), the irmolog (notated collection of the irmosi always in ode order OdO, sometimes also the canones of the paraklit), but also a collection of demestvenny chant which corresponds to the contemporary book of Akolouthiai with melismatic chant of the kondakar’ such as the chant sung during the divine liturgies and the prokimena sung during the morning and evening service. “Demestvenny” derived from the term demestnik—a Slavonic form of Domestikos which referred to the higher rank of singers educated by the Russian Patriarchate.

Since these manuscripts date between the 14th and 16th centuries and are fully provided with musical notation (znamennaya notacya), they offer a deeper insight also into the unnotated manscripts of Southern Slavonic collections like those of Skopje and Sofia. They are between the unsorted 12th-century Miney služebnoe of the Moscow State Museum which are fully notated (at least the hymns of the stichirar, the irmolog and the oktoich), the 12th-century stichirar’ at the Russian State Archive of ancient acts ргада (with the moveable cycle integrated within the miney), and the later Anthologies called Oblast or Zbornik. In order to identify the chant and the Greek hymns they translated, I consulted the handbooks published by Asen Atanasov. The orthography and precise incipits of these manuscripts are often different among each other and allow a classification of the text redaction (similar to those offered by the librarians of Skopje).

Atanasov, Asen. Византийски музикални ръкописи в България: II. Късновизантийски Стихирар XV-XVIII в. [La manuscrits musicaux byzantins en Bulgarie: 2. Stichéraires post-byzantins des XVe-XVIIIe siècles]. Bd. 8.2. Series Catalogorum. Sofia: Izdatelstvo „Istok-Zapad“, 2011.

———. Византийски музикални ръкописи в България: I. Средновизантийски Стихирар XII-XIV в.  [Les manuscrits musicaux byzantins en Bulgarie: 1. Stichéraires médiévaux des XIIe-XIVe siècles]. Bd. 8.1. Series Catalogorum. Sofia: UP „Sv. Kliment Ohridski“, 2003.

———. Гръцки и Църковнославянски певчески текстове [Greek and Old Church Slavonic chant texts]. Bd. 8.3. Series Catalogorum. Sofia: BAN, 2016.


Fond 304 Ms. 22

3413791361?profile=RESIZE_710xBeginning of the miney with the Slavonic translation наста въходъ лѣтѹ of SAV 1 (ἐπέστη ἡ εἴσοδος ἐνιαυτοῦ Glas 1)

pdf?docId=01004637815&page=138&profile=RESIZE_710xFirst evangelsky stichira На горѹ ѹченникѡмъ / heothinon εἰς τὸ ὄρος τοῖς μαθηταῖς (f. 136r)

1380 • Stichirar mineynik (1 September to 31 August) with eleven stichera heothina, svetilni and bogorodični (ff. 135r-148v) without any musical notation written by Epifan. Earliest stichirar closely oriented to the classical repertoire of Constantinopolitan sticheraria.


Fond 304 Ms. 407


Beginning of the Irmolog with the first odes of the section for Glas 1 (f. 12r)


Slava e niyne Богоначальнымь мановениемъ Glas 1 Doxastikon oktaichon (15 Aug, f. 203v)

1437 • Kanon, Irmolog in ode order (OdO), Voskresnik and Sanctoral beginning with Christmas cycle:

  • Kanon without notation (ff. 1r-11r)
  • Ermolois’ OdO (ff 12r-110r)
  • Stepenni antifoni (ff. 110r-119r)
  • 11 Evangelski stichiri with Exaposteilarion & Bogorodičen (ff. 119r-129v)
  • Year cycle beginning with Nativity, Theophany until August etc. (ff. 130r-209v)
  • Lectionary (ff. 210r-228r)
  • Simeona novago obgoslona igumena (ff. 228v-248v)
  • Appendix August (ff. 249)
  • Miney with chant texts and readings (beginning with Cross elevation) without notation (ff. 250r-288r)


Fond 304 Ms. 408

pdf?docId=01004712413&page=3&rotate=0&negative=0&profile=RESIZE_710xFolio 2 with the sequence of second odes of irmosi in Glas 1


Memorial hand (f. 508r) with modal signatures

XV • Irmolog, Voskresnik, Podobnik, Miney of the Stichirar with traces of notation, Lectionary with incipits:

  • Irmolog OdO, beginning is missing (ff. 1-91r)
  • Stepenni antifoni in oktoechos order (ff. 91v-100v)
  • Pripĕliyna Prazdnikiy na rožestvo Bogorodicy (Veličaniya/Megalinaria) (ff.100v-106r)
  • 11 evangelskiy stichiri (ff. 106r-110v)
  • Čni nošti svyatago Pyakapoyut psalmiyo biyčniya iposem alliluya glas 8 av'troična mĕstvo si tropar' (Utrenna of Good Friday with lessons, Irmosi and kondak, and hours) (ff. 111r-138r)
  • Voskresnik in eight glasov' (ff. 138v-148r)
  • Podobnik pĕvaemiy ot osmi glasov' povsemu godu vĕ miniah iv'oh (ff. 148v-154v)
  • Miney starting with the canones since 22 December (ff. 154v-160v)
  • Paraklit (ff. 161r-176v)
  • Stichiral' mĕsyač / miney of the stichirar  (September to 8 August, appendix for November, only small parts were notated)  (ff. 178r-286v)
  • Appendix with notated samoglasni (ff. 290v-299r, 330v-333r)
  • Sanctoral and Lectionary of prayers and lessons beginning John Chrysostom, unordered until 5 April (ff. 347r-507v)
  • Memorial hand (f. 508)


Fond 304 Ms. 409

3413824729?profile=RESIZE_710xList with names of sematic signs (f. 1r)

XV • Stichirar mineynik, Fasten and Flower Triod with sematic list at the beginning:

  • List of sematic signs with names with three notated hymns in Glas 7, 1 and 5 (ff. 1r-3r)
  • Miney of the Stichirar' (ff. 1r-168r) with appendix (ff. 168r-169v)
  • Fasten Triod until Maundy Thursday, rest is missing (ff. 170r-265v)
  • Flower Triod between Pentecost and Allsaints (ff. 266r-274v)
  • Fasten Triod continuing with Good Friday (ff. 275r-280v)
  • Beginning of Flower Triod with Sunday of Saint Thomas (ff. 281r-311v)
  • Rest of Flower Triod with samoglasni for Allsaints (ff. 312r-314r)
  • Beginning of evening psalm Господи воззвахъ (140:1) acording to the psalmody of eight glasov (f. 314v)
  • Appendix with examples of asmatic chant, kondak for Cross elevation (Gl 4) and the text of ressurection chant (ff. 315r-319r)


Fond 304 Ms. 439

3413834434?profile=RESIZE_710xBeginning of the miney for September with SAV 1 and added stichera before (f. 1r)

XV • Stichirar with complete miney.


Fond 304 Ms. 440

3413840801?profile=RESIZE_710xXV • Complete stichirar mineynik with znamennaya notation.


Fond 304 Ms. 441

pdf?docId=01004714894&page=11&rotate=0&negative=0&profile=RESIZE_710xSamoglasen наста въходъ for Sv. Simeona Stolpika (SAV 1, f. 2v)

pdf?docId=01004714894&page=119&profile=RESIZE_710xDoxastikon oktaechon Богоначальнымь мановениемъ SAV 714 (f. 110v)

XV • Complete stichirar mineynik with znamennaya notation.


Fond 304 Ms. 410


Beginning of the irmolog with first odes opening the Glas 1 section (OdO)

XVI • Irmolog with stichirar’ written with znamennaya notation:

  • Kniga Irmologa (OdO) (ff. 1r-94v)
  • Osmoglasnik (ff. 94v-120v)
  • Posledovanie / Trebnik (ff. 121r-146r)
  • Stichirar' Miney (f. 147r-214v)
  • Flower Triod (ff. 215r-235r)
  • Fasten Triod (ff. 235v-242v)

without notation:

  • Brevier Irmolog (ff 243r-263r)
  • Veličaniya Utrenna (ff. 264r-269v)


Fond 304 Ms. 411

3414195302?profile=RESIZE_710xIllumination at the very beginning


Beginning of the miney with an illumination for 1 Sep (Sv. Symeona Stolpnika / Symeon Stylites)

XVI • Miney with Podobni, Fasten and Flower Triod, Voskresnik and an abbreviated form of text miney organised in incipits:

  • Miney with Podobni (ff. 1r-159v)
  • Fasten Triod (ff. 160r-254r)
  • Flower Triod (254r-298r)
  • Irmolog OdO (ff. 299r-373v)
  • Paschal hymns without notation (ff. 374-376r)
  • Osmoglasnik with stepenni antifoni (ff. 377r-445v)
  • Brevier of the služebnaya sbornik (ff. 446r-463v)
  • Miney between September and August (ff. 463v-517r)


Fond 304 Ms. 412


Beginning of the Osmoglasnik (Oktaik’)

XVI • Osmoglasnik, the moveable cycle (Fasten and Flower Triod) and Miney, and Irmolog with znamennaya notation:

  • Osmoglasnik (ff. 4r-75r)
  • Fasten & Flower Triod (ff. 76r-205r)
  • Sticherar' mineynik (ff. 205r-345v)
  • Veličaniya without notation (ff. 346r-350r)
  • Irmolog’ OdO (ff. 351r-423v)
  • Stepenni antifoni in oktoechos order (ff. 424r-430v)
  • Canones for 22-24 December and January 3-5 (ff. 431r-434v)


  • Bogorodičnik’ na osm’ glasov’ kanonu (ff. 435r-444r)
  • Miney from September to August (ff. 444r-468r)


Fond 304 Ms. 414


3414175525?profile=RESIZE_710xBeginning of the Irmolog

pdf?docId=01004713442&page=866&rotate=0&negative=0&profile=RESIZE_710xTables and wheels (ff. 456v-458v)

XVI • Irmolog, Osmoglasnik and the moveable cycle (Fasten and Flower Triod) and Miney with znamennaya notation:

  • Irmolog (ff. 2r-80r)
    • Osmoglasnik (ff. 2r-80r)
    • Imena zameniyu stolpovomu (names of the signs) (ff. 80r-81r)
    • Miney beginning with the kanon for the Christmas and Theophany cycle (ff. 81r-86r)
    • Samopodobni with osmoglas cycles for the evening Господи возвахъ and the morning psalm Богъ господъ, Alliluiaria, Polielei (ff. 86r-90v)
    • Kanon of the 8 Sep (Nativity of the Bogoroditsa), Nikolay Podromu (6 Dec), Alexey the Metropolitan (12 Feb),
    • Veličaniya (ff. 99r-102v)
    • Kanon of 15 & 24 Aug
  • Demestvennik
    • Christologic symbolon, Baptism song/ anti-trisagion, Cheruvismky pĕsn, Dostoyno est,  (ff. 102v-104v)
    • Prokimena (ff. 104v-107v)
  • 11 evangelski stichira (ff. 107v-115v)
  • Osmoglasnik (ff. 115v-270r)
    • Glas 1 f.115v
    • Glas 2 f.132v
    • Glas 3 f.147v
    • Glas 4 f.160v
    • Glas 5 f.172r
    • Glas 6 f.192r
    • Glas 7 f.208r
    • Glas 8 f.224r
    • appendix with other Podobni Glas 1-8 f.240v
    • Bogorodičnik f.248r
  • Trebnik (ff. 270r-306r)
    • f.270r
    • funeral services f.285r
  • Stichirar (ff. 307r-600r)
    • Mineynik (ff. 307r-600r)
    • Fasten Triod (ff. 601r-733v)
    • Flower Triod (ff. 733v-792v)
  • Miney as breviary (ff. 793r-853r)
    • Miney (ff. 793r-849v)
    • Irmosi (ff. 849v-853r)
  • Tabels for calendaric calculation (ff. 854r-859v)
  • Appendix for the miney with partly notation (24 Sep) (ff. 860r-899v)
  • Miney as breviary (ff. 900r-905v)


Fond 304 Ms. 415

3414221392?profile=RESIZE_710xFlag of the Irmolog’

3414222905?profile=RESIZE_710xFlag of the Miney with podobni and samoglasni (f. 199r)

XVI • Irmolog, podobni, stichirar’ (miney, fasten and flower triod) with znamennaya notation:

  • Irmolog (ff.1r-70v)
  • Podobni (ff. 71r-177r)
  • Stichirar mineynik (ff. 199r-414v)
  • Fasten & Flower Triod (ff.415r-538r)
  • Breviary (Miney) (f. 539r-600v)
  • Irmosi & Bogorodčni osmoglasen (ff. 601r-612v)


Fond 304 Ms. 416


Flag of the Miney

pdf?docId=01004713461&page=197&profile=RESIZE_710xDoxastikon oktaechon SAV 714 with medial signatures in red ink (f. 188r)

XVI • Stichirar’ (miney, fasten and flower triod), irmolog with demestvenny chant for the divine liturgies:

  • Stichirar' mĕsyač (ff. 1r-203v)
  • Fasten & Flower Triod (ff. 204r-314r)
  • Irmolog (ff. 315r-422v)
  • Evangelskiy stichiyri (ff. 423r-432r)
  • Osmoglasnik (ff. 433r-565r)
  • Asmatic chant in eight glasov, troparia, prokimena, evening and morning psalm, pričastniy (ff. 565r-598v)
  • Polielei (ff. 599r-604v)
  • Abbreviated Miney (ff. 605r-653r)


Fond 304 Ms. 417


Flag of the Osmoglasnik (Oktaik’, f. 267r)

pdf?docId=01004713462&page=127&profile=RESIZE_710xSlava e niyne Богоначальнымь мановениемъ / Θεαρχίῳ νεύματι Glas 1  (15 Aug, f. 125v)

XVI • Stichirar (miney, fasten and flower triod and osmoglasnik) with irmolog and znamennaya notation:

  • Stichirar mineynik (ff. 1r-156v)
    • Miney from 1 September to 31 August (ff. 1r-136v)
    • Appendix with samoglasni and podobni (ff. 136v-156v)
  • Fasten and Flower Triod (ff. 157r-266r)
  • Oktaik kniga osmoglasov' (ff. 267r-341r) and Podobni (ff. 341r-343r)
  • Irmoloig tovorenie prodobnago otča našego Ioanna Damaskiyna OdO (ff. 344r-419v) with appendix (ff. 419v-427r)
    • Resurrrection canon, BogorodicenKrest (ff. 428r-436r)
    • evening, morning psalm, allilouiaria in eight glasov (ff.436r-437r)
    • Easter canon (ff. 437r-440v)
    • Veličaniya (ff. 440v-443v)


Fond 304 Ms. 421

pdf?docId=01004713582&page=433&profile=RESIZE_710xFlag of the eleven evangelsky stichiriy introduced by svetilni (f. 431r)

pdf?docId=01004713582&page=298&profile=RESIZE_710xZnania, notational signs (f. 295v)

XVI • Stichirar’ (miney, fasten & flower triod, osmoglasnik) and irmolog with znamennaya notation:

  • Table of content (ff. 1v-2r)


  • Evening psalm (140) in eight glasov (f. 3r)
  • Myrrh-bearers hymns, the last two pages remained without notation or only scarcely notated (ff. 3v-6r)
  • Miney of the stichirar (ff. 7r-168r), appendix (ff. 169v-170r)


  • Podobni of Paul the Amorian (ff. 171r-177v)
  • Bogorodčnikiy of Lent about Irmosi according to eight glasov (ff. 178r-203v)


  • "Kniga glemial irmoloi tvorenie" Irmolog OdO (ff. 204r-287v)
  • Kanon' na Pascha Gl. 1 Paschal canon with hypakoai and kondak (ff. 288r-291v)
  • Appendix with veličaniya (ff. 291v-295r)


  • Znania / Znameniyu imena (list of sematic signs and their names) with a processional exclamation (ff. 295v-296r)
  • Podobnikiy na osm' glasov' (ff. 296v-298v)
  • Svĕtilniy i stichiriy evangelskiya tvorenie (ff. 431r-438v)
  • "I ohtankanaloe  tvočąem na osm' glasov'" Stepennika, bogorodični (ff. 439r-520v)

Moveable cycle:

  • "Sticharal' postiyni svyatago počna" Fasten Triod (ff. 299r-387r)
  • Flower Triod (ff. 388r-430v)

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