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Mss. Regg. C 408
XIII ▪ Hymnaire du diocèse de Reggio Emilia, en notation d'Italie du Nord ; 65v Crucifixum in carne laudemus (3 voix en notation proportionnelle) ; 78v In natale dmi. Quem queritis ▪ DIAMM

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Merci !

The text is: Crucifixum in carne laudemus

Yes, Thank you Claudia !

Thank you for updating daily the list of manuscripts online!

Description in my diss, chapter 4, ending.  -- original transcription in PMFC 12, to be updated w/ additional voices.  Further discussion (for some reason not knowing about my diss...) in Gozzi contribution to the Huck series (Zwischen Due- Quattrocento). Discussion of the whole manuscript in Paola (sic! not Paolo as in most of the literature) Casoli w/o transcription of the polyphonic sections.



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