I am pleased to announce that my PhD thesis at Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome entitled “Musica et Scolica enchiriadis. Introduzione traduzione e commento” has been published in electronic format on PubbliTesi (http://lnx.pubblitesi.it/).





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  • Dear mister Roberto Pia,

    I would like to join Charles Atkinson congratulating  you on your thesis

    and also, I too look forward to read it

    Best wishes and thanks in forward

    Loek van der Heide

  • Congratulations on the completion of your thesis on the Musica and Scolica enchiriadis!  I look forward to reading it as soon as I can.

    With best wishes,

    Charles Atkinson

  • Caro Roberto Pia,

    Very Interesting are the study's about Scolica Enchidriadis. I'd got introduced at 'Musica Enchidriadis'

    in a book : "History of 'Choristers' Chant" (in Dutch:"Geschiedenis van de Jongens-Zang" )

    by Dr. mr. Jan Valkestijn

    In a  practical way I am trying at this time, in a way of 'Warming-Up',

    getting a group of  madrigal-singers introduced with primary principles of

    'Modal chant' together with Bourdon-drone long notes.In this respect, I'd try to compose the oldest form of 'Kyrie Eleison' (a composed 'Trigasion' "Agios o Theos"

    in old Greec Byzantine stile. (see attachment 'Aghios o Theos' )

    The only way how I can understand somewhat 'Musicology' means, is practising exercises

    so, do forgive me if I make some errors in my 'Trial via Errors'.....


    Loek van der Heide

    (Harlingen, Fryslân, Netherlands)

    Aghios Theos.Bar.pdf

    See related links to what you are looking for.
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