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CANTUS Index is an interactive central catalogue of chants used in medieval music research and databases.

Several years’ experience in the context of electronic tools and their application to musicology has lead to the creation of the basic index of plainchant focused on the full texts of the plainchant sources for Office and Mass, both manuscripts and editions.

The purpose of the CANTUS Index is:

  • To provide a central index of all chants which can be found in medieval manuscripts
  • To enable compatibility between various chant databases

The basic principles of the CANTUS Index are:

  • Every chant has its unique CANTUS ID Number which can be referenced from other databases
  • Chants listed in the CANTUS Index contain these data fields: Full-text | Genre | Cantus ID | Feast
  • Registered users can add new chants and immediately get its automatically generated Cantus ID

The CANTUS Index is a result of the collaboration between various chant projects:

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