Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger: “Most Biased Encyclopedia in History!"

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Scholarly medial incompetence is growing, since discussions here moved to Facebook, but listen what the people have to say who invented platforms like Google's wikipedia, after it has become a playground of the Secret Services worldwide to establish censorship and misinformation as it fits to the official agenda.

The whole interview "Downfall of wikipedia" of Larry Sanger with Glenn Greenwald (Podcast System Update, 31 July):

An article by Larry Sanger on his personal homepage with some alternative ideas (31 July)

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  • I followed up all the advices by Larry Sanger.

    The has 3 outdated encyclopedia whose copyright has been expired according to American law. But this is very meager!

    None of those wiki platforms have citation technology of English speaking wikipedia. I will continue to use articles there to spread useful and correct information, but I would like to inform you that wikipedians with mean propaganda intentions (obviously send by corrupt governments and paid to do this kind of job) and with usurped administrative rights are terrorising and bullying normal users at wikipedia. It is very easy to find them out, just go to certain articles about shameful information a certain government might have an interest to remove and try to discuss these articles politely and they will immediately show up.

    If you remind them of certain rules established in wikipedia's guidelines (concerning smearing a living person, for instance), they will tell you, you are suppressing them and quote other rules to exclude you immediately (without any warning which is definitely against wikpedia's official rules!).

    Larry Sanger also explains, how rigid censorship of the Google search engine works! This is very useful information.

    If you are interested, I can send here some useful tutorials about how to use alternative search engines. Censorship also concerns particularly France, where an alternative video portal that developed in response to Google's illegal censorship on youtube, had been censored for more than a year: Since this August the messenger app for smartphones is also censored! Telegram is neither particularly safe nor did it succeed to prevent censorship as promised by the CEO Simon Dubnov, but a government who has the need to censor it, is not very clever, but a bully with a distorted relationship to its own constitution. You need a virtual ip that localises you in another country, if you wish to continue to browse telegram and rumble urls.

    Concerning Google searches, the way to deal with them has considerably changed. There have been meta-search engines like metager and searx which still used Google's results without revealing your data, as if you would use Google. Searx is still up-to date, because you can choose or switch off which search engines you wish to use or to remove. Until 2019 you were used to have satisfying and unbiased results which favoured algorhythm in the interest of advertisments. It became so invasive that you could easily filter them by light and effective plugins such as "ublock" which I can still recommend.

    During the following 4 years, Google's results have lost the public interest and it its value, because in a very primitive and mean way you get SPAM results which try to direct you in a very dull way how to think about a requested topic. Obvious SPAM had been never listed as a favourable in the past, but this has changed. This is precisely what made Larry Sanger sick about this company for which he had once designed wikipedia meant as a "free encyclopaedia" where the people could once share knowledge!

    As such Google search results are no longer interesting! I wish to share these problems that the own employees have with Google. It does not mean that wikipedia has become unusable, but it has moved far away from some enthusiastic concepts which helped to develop and improve it for many years. You can still find readable articles in our very specialised field and I tried to improve some with the very useful help of my kind colleagues, but you should be aware about the uncivilised nature or dark side of wikipedia which turned it into a playground of professional bullshitters in the worst sense!

    Here are some French, Italian, German and English articles exposing Google's intended censorship practices:

    I can especially recommend a recent interview between Carolyn Betts and Taylor Hudak who start to talk in depth about the ongoing regulation of EU-based media censorship, the so-called "European Media Freedom Act (EMFA)", beginning at time mark 10'45" (24 August)


    Taylor Hudak's article "Centralizing Information Control! Inside the EU’s Latest Proposal to Censor the Media" (4 August)

    Article available in 12 other European languages!

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