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Byzantine chant and all Oriental, Caucasian and Slavonic liturgies


Byzantine chant and all Oriental, Caucasian and Slavonic liturgies

This group (like any other one I opened) is dedicated to the comparative research between liturgical traditions. Concerning the subject of the Byzantine heritage of Orthodox chant, methodologies in this field were always forced to be comparative, because the nature of all the different neumes used by notators of Eastern Chant (Armenian, Georgian, ekphonetics, Byzantine notations developed between Antioch, Jerusalem, Sinai and Constantinople, the Slavic notation and its own tonal system etc.) was always to make a difference from the background and the foreground of realisation which was called the "thesis of the melos" in Greek terminology.

I wish not to discuss, if the Coptic tradition was based or influenced by the Hagiopolite oktoechos or not, I just would like to emphasise that this group is open to treat the subject of Coptic and Ethiopian chant as well, as any other Christian tradition of the Mediterranean, including its various exchanges with close Sephardic, Kurdish, Sufi and berber traditions. It does not exclude any tradition without any regard whether it developed dependently or independently of the Byzantine and the Ottoman empire.

Any language is welcome (including Slavonic languages and Greek or any other language), in my experience English is very important to discuss the meaning of Greek terms, and how they were translated and transferred into various languages. It includes all living traditions (also those of Old Believers) and all questions concerning their past back to the earliest tropologia (Iadgari, Šaraknoc', Tropligin), papyrus fragments and lectionaries.

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Three Anthologies of Byzantine composers written around Ioannes Trapezountios (1730s)

Started by Oliver Gerlach. Last reply by Oliver Gerlach Jan 1. 1 Reply

Datation possible to the new appendix at the beginning of Ms. 334 which mentions Ioannes the Protopsaltes (1730s), who was until 1734/1736 still Lampadarios. The Kratematarion (Ms. 336) mentions one composer just as "Lampadarios" and only once as…Continue

Tags: Syme, Papadike, Manuscrits, Ioannes Koukouzeles, Constantinople

7 Greek kontakaria of the Sinai collection (ET-MSsc)

Started by Oliver Gerlach Jul 31, 2018. 0 Replies

Also concerning the book kontakarion the collection of Sinai is exceptional, since it has a great variety of books which has only recently be studied by musicologists as well. Especially the unnotated kondakaria-tropologia are interesting, because…Continue

Tags: Sinai, Tropologion, Romanos o Melodos, Manuscrits, Kontakion

Troitsky-Lavrsky Kondakar online

Started by Oliver Gerlach Jun 26, 2018. 0 Replies

Moscow, Russian State Library (Российская государственная библиотек)Fond 304 Ms. 23…Continue

Tags: Slavica, Kontakion, Kievan Rus, Manuscrits

Kenneth Levy's transcription of Slavic Kondakar notation (published in 1966)

Started by Oliver Gerlach Jun 18, 2018. 0 Replies

As promised I upload Kenneth Levy's contribution to Ladislav Mokrý's conference “Anfänge der slavischen Musik” at Bratislava in August 1964 which was published in exactly the same year like Constantin Floros' publication dedicated to the same…Continue

Tags: Kontakion, Slavica, Kievan Rus

Portrait Otec Stiliyan of the Bačkovo Monastery

Started by Oliver Gerlach. Last reply by Oliver Gerlach Jun 15, 2018. 1 Reply

This evening I would like to present you Father Stiliyan, a monk of the Bačkovo Monastery who was as a typikar responsible for the divine services in this monastery of the Rhodope Mountains.You can listen to a complete recording which we made of the…Continue

Tags: ethnomusicology, Slavica, Otec Stiliyan, Bulgaria, Bačkovo

Orthodox Easter Special: The Blagoveščenskiy Kondakar online

Started by Oliver Gerlach Apr 7, 2018. 0 Replies

My dear colleague Tatiana Švets, teaching Old Russian chant at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, published the whole manuscript Saint-Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Ms. Q.п.I.32 as a virtual exhibition together with a detailed…Continue

Tags: Manuscrits, Slavica, Kontakion, Kievan Rus

Easter Special: The Greek Tropologia of the Sinai Collection (Lavra tes Hagias Ekaterinas)

Started by Oliver Gerlach Apr 1, 2018. 0 Replies

Please note that today is Palm Sunday according to the Orthodox (revised Julian) calendar. Thus, you can start right now with the tropologion Codex sinaiticus graecus 759 (see below).The tropologion developed all the features of the sticherarion and…Continue

Tags: Stoudios Monastery, Tropologion, Sinai, Oktoechos, Manuscrits


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Comment by Oliver Gerlach on September 24, 2018 at 6:56

Dear Angelo

I will publish your anouncement within the Blog of this group, because also members who are not inscribed in the group might be interested.

Please do also consider to make further anouncements at "Events".

The comment wall here is just meant to let us know about yourself what brings you here...

Comment by Angelo Lampousis on September 24, 2018 at 3:21

L’ensemble international Axion Estin Foundation Chanters célèbrera le Noël arménien en interprétant lors de courts concerts des chants typiques de cette période de l’année, issus des traditions orthodoxe orientale et arménienne (4 janvier, 14h, 16h, 18h). Compris dans le prix du billet d’entrée au musée.

Comment by Dominique Gatté on January 20, 2011 at 20:05
Merci de bien vouloir mettre les nouvelles discussions dans le forum du groupe

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