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Codex Engelberg 314

Dear all,

I have been told that this song comes from the Codex Engelberg but I have not been able to find it in the table of contents. The photograph hints at something else and that is Mone II, 429, no 610. I don't recognize it, does someone know w

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Vidi aquam

Praised be Jesus Christ. I would like to ask you, who is an author of this performance. ? Earlier I tought that this is the track coming from CD recorded by some monks but i don’t know what monks. It’s sounds similarly to Vidi aquam from CD named Pen

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Weird catalogue records

Dear colleagues, I came across a peculiar list of chant books as a part of a library catalogue from the 15th century. Besides the title of the book, the librarian also placed a small (but distinctive!) piece of text next to the title, in order to mak

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La Varietas chez Tinctoris


Je cherche des informations sur la notion de Varietas chez TInctoris.

Disposons-nous de sources ou d'articles sur la transmission et ou la circulation de la Varietas dans les pays germaniques?

En vous remerciant d'avance


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fragment : date and origin ?

Bonjour a tous.

Can anyone help me with the date and origin of this fragment please.  It looks to me to be from 

an 11/12 C gradual, with its Carolingian script and adiastematic neumes.  It’s the introit for the Easter Sunday mass.  Approximate size

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