Intérêt principal (principal interest)

Grégorien, Chants vernaculaires, Vieux-Romain, Liturgie, Manuscrits (paléographie), Instruments de musique

Présentation: travaux et (ou) intérêts (Presentation: works and (or) interests)

I have carried out a cataloguing (with codicological description, dating and description of the liturgical content) of liturgical and liturgical-musical manuscripts (IX-XIX centuries) as well as of manuscript fragments. I have complied data bases of pieces of music of entire musical manuscripts. I also have experience in the cataloguing of modern music manuscripts (1700-1900). In the course of my work I have made digital photographs of thousands of manuscript fragments as well as many complete codices. I studied Gregorian Chant and vocal training, I was the creator and main author of an on-line course in Gregorian Chant. I am the director of a children choir specialized in Gregorian Chant - as well in medieval chants with instruments (playing synphonia, portable organ and other insturments). I have transcribed in modern notation Gregorian chants as well as pieces in Canto Fratto or in polyphony, and I have sung, taught and directed them, supplying the translation of the original texts in verse or prose. I have experience in fund-raising, and admistration of courses and didactic activities, meetings, as artistic director of concert seasons, the drafting of business plans and financial reports. I collaborated in the sound-editing of our 4 CDs. I have also worked in the quality of journalist and music critic, of press agent for the various activities I have been involved in, of drafter of concert programes and of editor

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