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Y Goddodin

Hello every body.

I am new here and I am looking for the facsimile of the manuscript named Y Goddodin. I am looking for a special part of tis book actualy, it's the one with the lullaby called "Pais Dinogad".

If anyone got information about it, it wi

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Ger Steeghs RIP

On the 13 of July Ger passed away. Those who visited the Festivals of Watou will surely remember him. He took care of the booklets of the masses. Others took great pleasure in his practical editions of chants from the book of Genesis or Song of Songs

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Tétragramme ou portée


En espagnol, on dénomme la portée musicale à quatre lignes : « tetragrama ».

Ce terme serait-il parfois utilisé aussi en français ?

Cette dénomination est-elle récente ?

Je vous remercie d'avance,

Koenraad Moreau

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