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September 28

Intérêt principal (principal interest)


Présentation: travaux et (ou) intérêts (Presentation: works and (or) interests)

Co-Editor: Graduale Novum, Regensburg-Rome 2011, Co-Editor: Beiträge zur Gregorianik, Regensburg Interests: Restitution of melodies, gregorian semiology, Augustinian canons, medieval vernacular singing,

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  • Cher Ami,
    J'espère que vous allez bien. J'aimerais envoyer un message à G. Joppich. Pourriez-vous me communiquer son adresse email ?
    Merci beaucoup.
    Amitiés in Corde Mariae
    Père Guilmard
  • Lieber Dr. Prassl,

    Willkommen bald in Riga. Ich freue mich Sie nach dem Cantus posterior wieder in Lettland zu sehen.9126797471?profile=original

  • Danke schön !

  • Cher Franz,

    Vous avez sans doute vu ma demande, mise dans le groupe  "Manuscrits en ligne", concernant la recherche d'un graduel de Monza écrit vers 820. Son existence est révélée par Agustoni-Göschl, et il est référencé dans Beiträg zur Gregorianik (supplément de 1988). Pouvez-vous m'indiquer une piste pour mieux le connaître et pour en avoir une transcription? Merci d'avance.

  • normally it's ok here

    I send you an email now.
  • Ich auch, gehe nicht so oft auf dem Forum, leuder : zu wenig Zeit ! es ist aber schön, einfach mitteilen zu können. Vielleicht gehen wir zu Graz am nächsten Sommer über. Ich weiß noch nicht sicher.
    Liebe Grüße
    Etienne Stoffel
  • Willkommen ! et bonjour à la belle ville de Graz !
    Ich hatte schon vor einem Paar Jahren Ihnen geschrieben.
    Es freut mich, Sie auf diesem Forum zu sehen. Ich habe aber leider zu wenig Zeit, um oft auf dem zu gehen.
    Herzliche Grüsse.
    Etienne Stoffel, Ensemble Trecanum
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  • Hello , welcome to Mus. Méd. !
  • no problem !!
  • Bienvenue !!!!
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Franz Karl PRASSL replied to Dominique Gatté's discussion The oldest sources of Lotharingian notation in Neumes et paléographie
"Dear Dominique,
thank you very much for this precious list.
one note: 
I am not sure, whether Köln DB Ms 137 (Exsultet) is a lothringian notation, according to me it’s german, a strange type. But look in details like sursum corda, there one may see…"
Feb 9, 2021
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to Dominique Crochu's discussion Le Graduel GREG Angelis suis : une composition modale double dès les origines ? in Répertoires liturgiques
"Merci, carisiimo Dominique.
Un Studio molto interessante.
Hai trascritto tutto il Graduale del 3. modo?
Oct 16, 2018
Franz Karl PRASSL commented on Alberto Diaz-Blanco's event CD-ROM Dom Eugène Cardine
".... vorrei vedere la CD...."
Apr 8, 2018
Franz Karl PRASSL commented on Alberto Diaz-Blanco's event CD-ROM Dom Eugène Cardine
"Grandioso! Con grande piacere vorrei la CD!"
Apr 8, 2018
Franz Karl PRASSL commented on Daniel Saulnier's event 7e Stage international de plain-chant
"All the best for your conference
I have at this time my own..."
Feb 20, 2018
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to Dominique Gatté's discussion Stockerau graduale (Leipzig, Hiersemann, Kat 392 (1911), no 157)
"The notation is typical for 13th c. manuscripts from the dioceses Passau and Salzburg.
One may find this type in Seckau, Vorau, Klosterneuburg..... very often, if there are sources.
Remarkable ist the use of Virga strata instead of Bivirga, the…"
May 18, 2017
Franz Karl PRASSL left a comment for alicia santos
"Dear Alicia,
write your questions about A-VOR 287 in an e-mail to me:
Let’s se what I can do or consult
Many greetings from Graz
Franz Karl Prassl"
Apr 17, 2017
alicia santos commented on Franz Karl PRASSL's blog post My special interests
"Hi Franz! im working for my medieval master programe at the SCB with this m.s.A-VOR287 and i have some problems that i would like to solve, related to the history of the m.s. Could you please help me or give me some hints to find more info. i…"
Apr 17, 2017
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to Dominique Crochu's discussion SI bémol et développement architectural dans le répertoire grégorien: le cas du premier mode. in Répertoires liturgiques
"Thanks a lot, Dominique!
I’ll read this fine article with my students
Jan 28, 2017
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to fra Innocent Smith, o.p.'s discussion Low B-flat in Cantus Ordinis Praedicatorum (Chant dominicain)
"1. A low B WAS SUNG but very often not written. According to general theory they used very often a transposition to the higher 5th. Finalis D = Finalis A. Transposition was the miraculous tool to hide forbidden notes (forbidden only in theory) One…"
Oct 6, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to Dominique Gatté's discussion Palaeofrank notation : a new source for the mass in Neumes et paléographie
"If the fragment is really from 10th c., this would have been e great sensation: a Missale plenarium notatum from century 10!
I cannot belief it, because the book type Missale plenarium is not known before c. 12 (normally), and the script seems to be…"
Aug 5, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL left a comment for Michel Gatté
with great pleasure I had a lot of fine communications with Dominique. I had the hope to meet you, too. But have my best wishes for your increased family now. All the best,
Jul 25, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to andrew leckie's discussion fragment : date and origin ?
"According to my experience:
Late or end of 12th century, southern germany (maybe central?), Austria too.
The type of Pes is more „german“ than St. Gallen, the continuing episema on the virga is a sign of later periods, 
mixing uo punctum and virga…"
May 2, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL replied to franco ackermans's discussion is there a list of text-doubling in chant pieces?
"Lieber Franco,
ich kenne keine Liste,
aber auf Verdacht: mit Textsuchfunktion in Cantus fürs Offizium und in den Sextuplex-Dateien von Hiley auf der Regensburger Website. 
Meiner Beobachtung nach findet sich die Txtverdoppelung usw. hauptsächlich…"
May 1, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL left a comment for Dominique Gatté
"The last one
Mar 22, 2016
Franz Karl PRASSL left a comment for Dominique Gatté
"The next one
Mar 22, 2016