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Intérêt principal (principal interest)

Grégorien, Liturgie, Manuscrits (paléographie)

Présentation: travaux et (ou) intérêts (Presentation: works and (or) interests)

Gregorian chant, semiology, mensuralism, proportionalism, new performing editions

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Patrick Williams replied to Dominique Gatté's discussion Découverte exceptionnelle d'un fragment perdu du Laon 239 in Neumes et paléographie
"Supplementum ad Graduale Romanum (A. De Lillo, 2019)p. 60 Al. 7 Confiteborp. 109 Al. 5 Qui confiduntp. 111 Al. 3 Qui sanat contritos"
Apr 26
Patrick Williams replied to Patrick Williams's discussion Introduction to Mensuralism in Mensuralistes
"This was also posted at Corpus Christi Watershed: https://www.ccwatershed.org/2023/06/28/mensuralism/"
Jun 29, 2023
Patrick Williams posted a discussion in Mensuralistes
I have added to YouTube a video titled Introduction to Mensuralism.  To make my point even more strongly, I probably should have recorded the first and last examples with the metronome, but what's done is done!
Jun 29, 2023
Patrick Williams updated their profile
May 1, 2023
Patrick Williams replied to Dr. Dirk van Kampen's discussion Gregorian and Old-Roman chant
"Thank you for sharing your paper!  Toward the bottom of p. 10, who's (=who is) needs to be changed to whose.  I caught another spot where the English was slightly awkward but not wrong per se; unfortunately I didn't make a note of it and would need…"
Dec 10, 2022
Patrick Williams liked Fyodor N's discussion Rhythm, Meter and Tempo of Gregorian Chant according to Jan van Biezen
Jul 3, 2022
Patrick Williams liked Manuel Tizón's discussion Paper Blackley in Mensuralistes
Jul 3, 2022
Patrick Williams liked Raphael Cavalcanti's discussion Cardine's critiques on Fr Vollaerts and Dom Murray in Mensuralistes
Jul 3, 2022